Miley Cyrus’ Flowers review

Dalyla Martinez, Staff Writer

Miley Cyrus’ new single, “Flowers”, has taken the media by storm as there isn’t just a catchy tune and pop song that people would be expecting. Cyrus’ new song is one that’s important to her, starting out a new era that is just for her and self healing. The song expresses turning a new leaf in life, doing things for herself and being independent. The catchy hit has also been empowering other people globally as many feel dependent but for Miley to come out and publicly show that she’s good, herself and making herself happy is huge. The self love and energy for this new era is exciting and many are waiting to see what else she is going to do. 

There are many speculations from the media about the power move she could have made between the lyrics to the release date, they are not confirmed or denied. However, there are many coincidences that seem to line up with the speculations. Cyrus dropped the single on her ex husband, Liam Hemsworth’s birthday. Additionally, many sources say that parts of the music videos were shot at Hemsworth’s old house, potentially Cyrus’ last way of saying goodbye and so she does not need him anymore. Many people are loving some of the ways Cyrus is now representing herself. 

Coincidentally, many compare the lyrics of “Flowers” to that of Bruno Mars’ hit song, “When I was Your Man”. The song was a dedication from Hemsworth to Cyrus and now her lyrics represent how she can do all those things he was doing for her, by herself, and how she’s loving it more than ever before. The pop song has still caught on though without the revenge aspect it is still phenomenal and the love that the song has  been getting from the fans and media has pushed her to the top charts nationally.