Tiger Tales

Student Parking Dangers: the Story of My Friend Alley

Kelly Rappaport, staff writer

October 25, 2019

Every summer during schedule distribution, the race for a parking spot at Joliet West begins. Of the nearly 3,300 students who attend the school, only about 300 will get parking spots, and only about 100 of those will get a parking...

Disney and LGBTQ

A’Jaylah Toran, Views Editor

March 11, 2019

Disney made history this year when one of their Andi Mack TV show characters, Cyrus (played by Joshua Rush) came out as gay. Although Disney channel has had many other gay characters appear on tv shows and movies, this one made histor...

The Grammy’s are losing its true meaning

Angel Melendez, staff writer

March 11, 2019

Award shows are supposed to be fun, exciting and much more, however recently not all fans have felt that way towards them. Award shows have become tiresome to most, so much that the ratings of the awards shows have dropped, makin...

Are twitter stans that bad?

Lametre’Anna Brown, staff writer

March 8, 2019

Twitter is the home of Stans. Stans are another name for hardcore fans of a person or group of people- some well-known stans you’ll hear about on Twitter are Ariana Grande Stans and Kpop Stans, more specifically BTS‘s "Army....

They Just Did It

Megan Krok, Journalism 1

March 7, 2019

Nike has made this one clear with their new ‘Dream Crazier’ advertisement campaign: the future is female. Released last week and narrated by tennis star Serena Williams, ‘Dream Crazier’ features an incredible montage of...

Just Read it

Kennedy Dorris, Journalism 1

March 7, 2019

Nike has been in the public’s eye recently with their ad campaign Dream Crazier, released on February 24th of this year. The campaign focuses on how the media perceives women, and eventually showing women empowerment. This is not Nike’s first t...

Student Life Uncovered: The reality behind how students really feel

Gabby Houde, Copy Editor

November 20, 2018

Do you get more homework during the week or on weekends? " I definitely get more homework during the week. Specifically, on Wednesdays. They always slam me during the middle of the week. I have math homework pretty much eve...

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