Girls, why not ask Erica?

Michelle Lozano, Sports Editor

Are you struggling with what to do about a best friend who is acting distant? Is your relationship with your mom changing and all you do is argue? Did a boy you cared deeply for break your heart? Girls throughout the school ask for advice from their peers on just about anything. Now, there is another outlet to get better, more professional advice from someone who is licensed in the field, and has been through teen stress herself. All of this advice is found at just the tip of your fingers, on the website Ask Erica.

Erica is a graduate of Northern Illinois University in Bachelors of Science in Psychology and went on to pursue a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from the University of Chicago. Currently, she is living in Chicago, where she works as a counselor at four schools, advising kids in elementary, middle and high school students.

By logging on, you can send Erica a message, anonymously if you so wish, and be enlightened. “This site is dedicated to girls in need of some honest, heartfelt advice,” Erica stated. With her words, pictures, and quotes, Erica hopes to inspire girls of all ages on topics that are sometimes too hard to talk about. Visit,