Yearbook is Socially Connected

Michelle Lega, Copy Editor

Congratulations to Lizette Arias for being chosen to have her design on the cover of the 2010-2011 yearbook! The theme this year is “Socially Connected,” a tie-in to teens’ increasing dependence on technology and social network sites. Arias’ design shows a PDA with the words “Joliet West” on the screen. Her masterful design was chosen because of its high quality and relevance to the theme.

As much as parents try to avoid it, teens these days are especially connected to each other through Facebook, Twitter, cell phones, and many other websites. These connections allow students to get in touch with each other easily and to research information at a nearly incomprehensible level. The goal of this year’s theme is to demonstrate these interactions in a positive light, emphasizing the good that comes out of the recent technological advances.

Individual sections of the yearbook will focus on the different aspects of social networking. Section divider pictures were also chosen from the submitted cover designs. Megan Chaffee, Ashley DeVries, Stephanie Stanton, Lucy McCaffrey, and Beatriz Vega will all have their designs featured in the yearbook. The staff of Alpha Omega would like to thank all the participants for their wonderful designs. Sadie McGuire, one of the yearbook editors, expressed her excitement for this year’s yearbook. “This yearbook is able to capture society’s obsession with technology, while still incorporating student’s artwork. In a technologically saavy world, it’s great that we are still able to do that.”

Once again, the yearbook will be in all color. Yearbooks are still on sale for $55, and can be purchased in B247. The price for a book will increase to $60 once it arrives in the fall.