Book Review: ‘Graceling’ by Kristin Cashore

Jarvis Carmichael, contributing reporter

Image courtesy of google images.
Paperback, 480 pages, $9.95
Publisher Graphia

Graceling, a 480 page novel by Kristin Cashore, makes the mind travel; where is the reader in the book? The story begins with a life-changing experience: Cashore opens the mind of her characters to map out every landscape. In a land with seven kingdoms, there are people who have extraordinary powers called the Graced. The characters without powers fear Graced people and treat them as if they don’t exist. The seven kings who know the potential of the Graced people, order the most powerful Graces to serve them. Katsa, the protagonist, is used by her uncle, one of the seven kings. Katsa’s Grace has every kingdom in fear of her, as well as herself.  To make up for the evil deeds she has performed for her uncle, Katsa goes on a secret mission to help those in need. While on one of her missions, she runs into Po; he gets more involved then Katsa thought possible. This mission is the toughest one yet: secrets are revealed, love blooms, and someone will die. This is an amazing book with a great story line, a lot of action, and a quick read.