PDA: How much is too much?

Taylor Foote, staff writer

Going to any high school anywhere practically guarantees you’ve seen some form of PDA; public displays of affection. Couples holding hands or hugging or kissing are very common sights in the hallways of any high school. Some couples are worse than others, and there are varying levels of PDA. You don’t want to walk through the hallways and see couples making out against the lockers. Most people can agree this is inappropriate for school. However, these students give all kinds of PDA a bad reputation. Some students show PDA in more responsible ways, simply hugging and kissing before they part ways to go to class. If they can show it in a Disney movie, it’s easily appropriate for school in limited doses. But teachers see all PDA the same. They see no difference between a peck on the cheek and full on making out.

For students who moderate their PDA in schools, it’s insulting to have teachers make comments implying they are being inappropriate for school when they are behaving responsibly. Sure, those well-behaved couples don’t get in trouble for it, but the comments teachers or security make a sentimental gesture seem wrong. Too much PDA in school is bad, and nobody wants to see couples making out in the hallways. School officials should do something about that when they see it. But if a couple decides to kiss briefly before they go to their respective classes, those officials should keep their mouths shut. There is a huge difference between those students who decide a crowded high school hallway is their bedroom, and the students who realize certain things are to be done in private.

Kids who make out in the hallways make the better behaved couples look bad because people treat them the same. If a couple is keeping things school appropriate and controlling themselves in public, they should be respected enough for teachers to stop making comments that would be better served if they were said to the couples who actually need to be told. When your behaving and people are acting like you aren’t, it’s a very annoying situation and makes you feel like your restraint isn’t being recognized. With hormones and everything going on during the high school years, self-control is an impressive trait. It should be respected, not ignored.