Magnificent Maleficent

Joey Hein, staff writer

A cornerstone of Joliet West’s arts and activities has returned, looking ever so promising. This year Kristin Blake, English/Drama teacher and Speech Team Director, is at the helm of Maleficent G.I.

For those who are unaware, G.I. stands for Group Interpretation which involves a cast of talented students not only acting out a play, but being the play. Performers act cohesively as chorus and scenery to give the audience a chilling, memorable experience.

Previous performances enacted by West include adaptations of The Breakfast Club, My Girl, Tuck Everlasting, and acclaimed Finding Nemo, which went to state competition last year. This year Mrs. Blake has chosen to interpret Maleficent for its touching story and creative influences.

Creating a G.I. is not a simple task. In order to mold a story into such a recreational format, one must have vision, which is exactly what Mrs. Blake utilized when forming and condensing an adequate script for the 30 minute competition time limit. More effort is put into the perfecting of presentation. The capable cast meets two or three times a week from 6-9 after school. These rehearsals become daily phenomena in March as competition approaches.

First comes Festival which introduces the cast to the schematics of competition as a low-risk kind of environment. The real judging begins at the ensuing Sectionals, where groups are judged more and more harshly until the top three are announced. The path to glory doesn’t end here, however. The true ‘showdown’ occurs at State held in Peoria.

So much dedication and perseverance is put into West’s Group Interpretation. As competition draws near, students are encouraged to come watch selected scenes in order to lend their support and critiques. Maleficent tells a tale of betrayal, vengeance, and love. Joliet West’s portrayal will truly be memorable. Don’t be afraid to experience the magic.