Mental Health Awareness Month

Lylah Chavez, Views Editor

May is mental health awareness month. Every day we take the time to think and reflect on our mental health status and to get rid of the stigma behind mental health.
May has been celebrated and known as mental health awareness month in America since 1949. To raise awareness for people who are struggling mentally and to know that you are not alone and more people feel the way you do then you realize.
Nicole Gonzales, a freshman said, “I feel everyone should get treated for it no matter what and everyone who has
a mental illness or struggles mentally deserves validation and support from people around them.” When asked how the school is handling students’ mental health she states, “From experience it’s clear that they “try” to help but the way they try isn’t exactly helpful. They should allow you to take breaks when you feel stressed without penalty because then it just makes you feel more stressed.”
Marilyn Lozano, another freshman states, “Mental health is important and something to focus on.”
Last week, JTHS sent out a reminder about the mental health resources available to all students. If a student needs social/emotional support; the district urges parents/guardians or students to reach out to their school counselor or complete an online request for support found here: Completion of this form initiates a request, and a team of school support personnel will review the situation to assign appropriate supports.
In addition, JTHS has contracted with Care Solace, a free service that quickly finds mental health and substance abuse treatment options. With Care Solace, the individual requesting assistance is assigned to a dedicated Care Companion who personally and confidentially helps navigate the mental health care system by calling providers to find the right fit and works to get an appointment within two weeks of initial contact.