Detentions are back!

Debora Aleman, Staff Writer

By implementing the new detention policies in the school year 2022-2023, school deans hope to get students to change their behavior.
Arriving tardy 8 times to classes, not wearing school IDs properly and around the neck, wearing hoods inside the school building and misbehaving can all lead to consequences and some to detention depending how severe and often the student repeats their behaviors. “We want to keep students in school and in classes,” said Mrs. Pluhar, Joliet West freshman dean.
Student’s can serve detention during their lunch and advisory and or afterschool for an hour. Students can also get more than one detention per day. According to Mrs. Pluhar “If a student gets too many detentions, it can turn into ISS and a call home.”
The school is always trying to find ways to intervene and hold students accountable, but most of all keep students safe. Dean Mrs. Pluhar says “I’m very proud of the students’ behavior. They seem to be enjoying school. I want kids to enjoy school but I want them to be safe and respectful.”