A personal perspective on Black Lives Matter

Ana Reyes, staff writer

As many know, America is going through a  lot, specifically with the Black Lives Matter movement.  Many Americans may also be confused by the details; when the movement started, where it’s happening, etc. According to an article by John Eligon for the New York Times, the Black Lives Matter Movement started in 2014 when 18-year-old Micheal Brown was murdered by a Ferguson white cop. As of 2020, this movement rose up even stronger when George Floyd was killed when Minneapolis police officer Derek Cahuvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for over eight minutes resulting in his death. Floyd’s death caused multiple protests nationwide, and even worldwide. Even though most protests have been peaceful, other protests have turned into riots which resulted in looting and the destruction of many communities across the country.

This has made people think that Black Lives Matter was just an excuse to have people loot stores and cause destruction. However, some people have realized that looting, as a form of protest,  shows how society values materials rather than human lives. Black Lives Matter in America wants to fight against police brutality and the racial injustice that black people in this country have faced since slavery.This has affected black people and people of color, who have been seen as a threat simply for the color of their skin.

The movement has brought many people to protest defunding the police. When defunding the police, more tax dollars will go towards resources such as mental health care and rehab for people in poverty rather than to police departments. It is well known that there is a connection between poverty and crime, so providing these resources can reduce crime in impoverished areas. In return, the police can focus on more purposeful pursuits rather than over-policing these communities.  

People have been protesting peacefully by marching across the countries. People have also been burning buildings and looting. Some people think looting and rioting isn’t the way, while others say there is no right way to protest because that’s what protesting is. To protest is too express disapproval with something, there’s no right way to protest, somebody could peacefully protest and someone can’t say, “that’s wrong”. They could express their concern or disapproval with their form of protesting but they can’t say it’s wrong.

At the end of the day black lives matter is going to a moment in history due to these protest for equality. Even though we may not see major changes from these protests yet, there is no doubt that they will having lasting long term effects in our country’s history.