Sad End to Season


Lawson Sizemore, Sports Editor

        With the rise of the coronavirus through the United States, IHSA released a statement saying winter activities will be canceled 

       The shocking development leaves high school athletes stunned, especially amid the boy’s basketball state championship run. 

        The Illinois High School Association set limitations on the number of fans being able to go to the remaining games of the season Wednesday night. 

        Joliet West was scheduled to play Friday night in the sectional championship game against East Aurora. West was expected to make it downstate this year with a record of 29-4.  

       Illinois has awarded a high school basketball state championship every year since 1908. The streak survived 2 wars, the Spanish flu, but not the Coronavirus. 

       West’s Athletic Director, Mr. Millsaps stated to the Herald, “The kids, especially the seniors ended up hearing it this way, even if we knew that it was a possibility, and they had to hear it through a tweet rather than with their teammates, their brothers and their coaches that’s what hurts me most.”

       The statement was released Thursday night over Twitter. 

       With being a part of the team I can certainly say this news is very shocking and devastating to the entire program. 

       I understand the IHSA trying to keep everyone’s health in mind, But at the same time if you are going to cancel basketball games with 120 fans attending then you have to cancel school with 4000 kids attending. 

       Sure this issue is concerning for the health of our country, but we can’t let it control what we do each and every day.