Disney and LGBTQ

A’Jaylah Toran, Views Editor

Disney made history this year when one of their Andi Mack TV show characters, Cyrus (played by Joshua Rush) came out as gay. Although Disney channel has had many other gay characters appear on tv shows and movies, this one made history because the words “I am gay” were said.

“Taking on the role of Cyrus has been one of the most fun things I’ve ever done in my life,” Rush said, “Being Jewish, being 14, going to middle school, having this small, close-knit group of friends, and being gay are all just parts of his personality?” said Rush during his Good Morning America appearance.

The Disney series premiered March 10th of 2017, the TV show has since then been going strong with 48 episodes. Andi Mack is about the main character Andi Mack(played by Peyton Elizabeth Lee) going through a tremendous change in her life after finding out that her ” big sister” is actually her mother.

Andi then feels confused and betrayed by both her mother(portrayed by Lilian Bodwen) and grandmother(played by Lauren Tom) because they both knew but never said anything because it wasn’t the “right time”. Andi’s first question for her mother Bex was who was her father, later on in the first season Andi meets her father Steven “Bowie” Quinn(portrayed by Trent Garrett) as her and her mother grow closer throughout the season. Andi and both her parents began to spend time together but that comes to a stop when Andi finds out that her father Bowie has another daughter younger than Andi and a girlfriend.

The TV series also includes the life of Andi’s soon to be boyfriend Jonah Beck(played by Asher Angel). Jonah plays sports, he is the captain of the frisbee team, thats where he meets Andi and her friends.

This story line with Jonah comes into play when both Andi and Cyrus have feelings for Jonah. Jonah is the first boy that Cyrus has feelings for which is a big deal to Cyrus. Even though Andi has a crush Jonah as well she helps Cyrus through it.

Trying to deal with the struggles of becoming a teenager, adjusting to a new school and the fact that her life has just been turned upside down, Andi Mack and her Best friends try to find themselves along the way to becoming young adult