How the Pandemic is Affecting the World of Baseball

Lawson Sizemore, Sports Editor

Though recent events have put the sports world on hold, there is still a ton to talk about. Each day I will be going over how the Coronavirus outbreak is impacting each sport individually.

The MLB was in spring training mode and ready for the season to start in the not too distant future. The virus caused the players to be sent home and spring training to come to a halt. This has led to the start of the regular season being pushed back until May.

More than likely there will have to be a shortened schedule, with the season being so long. Not only are the fans excited for the new season being put on pause, but so are the players. 

What makes this situation interesting is if the League would allow more time for training at the beginning of the season. Here is why. Spring training is designed to help the players get back into the swing of things and without any more spring training, they are going to go right into the start of the season cold. 

Another thing that does not help, is that the players got to return home until further notice. Spring training is also helpful for developing chemistry within a team, and being away from home, to get used to it when the season starts. 

What I believe the MLB is going to do is start the season towards the end of May, but hold some preseason or exhibition games in the beginning or middle of May. That would allow for enough time for the players to prepare themselves for the long season ahead. 

If this is not to happen, expect the start of the season to be slow and sloppy for a few weeks. 

Nevertheless, the season is coming and there is a lot to be excited about. Some teams that I’m excited to see play are the Dodgers, White Sox, and Angels. All three teams have added superstar power to their lineups and rotations, so it should be interesting to witness how great these teams can be. Whenever the season gets here, there is a lot to look forward to.