Ms. Barrowman: Beyond the classroom

Nancy Patel, News Editor

She has taught American Citizenship for around 5 years, a year of Honors World History, about 7 years AP and Honors World Affairs, and then 9 years of AP Human Geography, still counting.

However, Barrowman says that APHuG has been her favorite to teach. “Once you get HuGged you feel it for life- it is a class that you will hear and see in the world around you forever and ever,” Barrowman explains, adding on that, “I still have students from the first year I taught it message me from time to time, telling me about their HuG connections.”

As an APHuG teacher, Barrowman has made quite a name for herself, as a very respected and adored teacher. She believes that is it because she loves the content she teaches, and takes time to build relationships with students.

“Like I said before, I love this school and by that I mean the people inside it…I sincerely want my students, coworkers, and this school/district to be successful,” Barrowman says.

Outside of being a teacher, Barrowman also boxes. She did MMA and kickboxing before, so when a friend opened
a gym near her home, she picked it back up.

“Boxing is an incredible workout, it never gets old and you get a crazy calorie burn in a short amount of time. Plus my gloves are super cute,” Barrowman says, adding that this is her 5th year attending.

Freshman Alih Rangel says,“Mrs. Barrowman is a great teacher that genuinely cares about her students. She provides us with all the necessary resources to enhance our learning, and if we need help, she’s always willing to give it.”

In her 22 years of teaching, Mrs. Barrowman has contributed a lot to our school, both staff and students alike.