Teacher appreciation week celebrations

Mariah Brooks, Features Editor

Nationwide teachers were celebrated last week for teacher appreciation week. This started on May 2- May 6.

Many businesses found their own ways to celebrate teachers. On May 3rd, Chick-fil-a was giving away free meals to teachers. Also on May 3rd Barnes & Noble Cafes offered a free cup of coffee at participating locations. Buffalo wild wings was offering a 20% discount to all teachers and school staff. Staples offered a week of teacher appreciation deal, which included a free box of school supplies, 20% back in classroom rewards, and more. On Google Classroom teachers were celebrated. At the top of the site a banner could be seen that brought attention to teacher appreciation week.

Students were asked about the advertising for it. Despite the scarce advertising for teacher appreciation week did students even know that this was going on at school? Some students were also asked about some teachers that they appreciate at Joliet West, and here is what they had to say:

Bethzy Contreras Orozco, a sophomore, said “I appreciate Mr.Conard because he grades fast and he cares about our well being.”

Lonna Herbred-Flores, a sophomore, said “Mr.Farias because he is easy to talk to.”
Nancy Patel, a freshman, said “My favorite teacher is Mrs Barrowman, an APHUG teacher, because she is really good at her job and makes learning the material so much easier. It’s clear that she understands it very well and she really does like it.” She then continued to say this, “ I found out it was teacher appreciation week on the last day.”
Natalie Bartelt, a sophomore, said “Yes it was displayed on Google Classroom but nobody else has said anything. You’d think they would mention that during morning announcements.” She also said, “My favorite teacher is Mr. Ringfelt because he’s easy to get along with and not only wants us to be better students, but better people.’

Although nothing was said on the morning announcements the school did do something nice for the teachers last week. The school hosted a cook-out for all teachers.

Although the celebrations may be over, teachers are still appreciated by the students of Joliet West.
Teachers are a staple of the community who deserve to be celebrated. No matter the day of the week teachers are always there for their students with a shoulder to lean on.