Mrs. Chvoy – More than just a math teacher

Alih Rangel, Staff Writer

She teaches math. She sponsors Key Club. She supports her students in whatever they may need. She loves to attend Broadway plays and musicals in her spare time. Mrs. Chvoy is loved by teachers and students alike.

Mrs. Chvoy has been teaching math at Joliet West High School for 25 years now, and in those years, she has taught in the B-building, E-building, D-building and is now in a classroom in the G-building, which she hopes will be her permanent home for years to come.

Mrs. Chvoy says, “I enjoy teaching and showing students that they can all be successful in math. It’s just a matter of breaking it down into smaller steps.”

Mia Guerro, a freshman that Mrs. Chvoy teaches in Honors Geometry says, “Mrs. Chvoy is one of the best math teachers I’ve had. I love the way she teaches, where she gives us an example, then goes through the problem with us and then lets us do it on our own.”

Not only does Mrs. Chvoy teach wonderfully, but she is constantly aware of what is going on with sports and clubs, and is always taking the time to go and cheer on students at sports or performance events and congratulate them after a win.

Mrs. Chvoy has also been a sponsor for Key Club—a club that works to serve and give back to the community we live in—for two years. Mrs. Chvoy’s main role as a Key Club sponsor is to facilitate the service projects the students think up. This year, the students in Key Club have written cards for troops serving overseas, made dog toys, created plarn balls which will be used to make sleeping mats for the homeless, and have made blankets for children living in homeless shelters.

In her spare time, Mrs. Chvoy loves to read historical fiction, ride roller coasters with her family, and see Broadway musicals with her daughter. Her favorite musical is Hamilton, with Wicked coming in just behind. Most recently she saw Frozen, which she describes as “so amazing and magical.”

She says, “My favorite thing about Joliet West is the enormous number of opportunities for students to get involved and make connections with students and staff.” Being such a bright, helpful, caring, and inspirational person, Mrs. Chvoy certainly has made getting to know the staff such a joy for students.