West students will still get their ‘Once Upon a Time’ prom


Jordyn Bew, Entertainment Editor

  Prom is a highly anticipated event for many high schoolers. Joliet West High School announced to students their decision to have prom on March 29th. This came as a surprise to many especially since this is an event that requires a lot of preparation and planning for the student and coordinators. 

       This year’s prom will be taking place at the school. Prom coordinators are referring to it as being held at the “Promenade.” The theme for prom 2021 is “Once Upon a Time.” In the email sent out it seems that seniors and juniors can look forward to, “a professional DJ, swag bag, and photo opportunities.” According to prom sponsor, Mr. Moffett, “students will be traveling the fairytale-themed promenade at Joliet West with their prom squad.”

      To adhere to current Covid guidelines the school let students choose an hour time slot that they would like to attend prom when they bought their ticket. These “prom squads” will be groups of 150 students who will be expected to practice social distancing and wear personal protective equipment (PPE). The invite to prom was only given to Joliet West juniors and seniors, outside guests and underclassmen are not allowed to attend. The principal Dr. Gibson explains that “We limited our event to Joliet West Juniors and Seniors so that we can ensure that we adhere to all CDC guidelines.” 

      Along with the informational prom email, the school sent out a survey asking student opinions on the importance of certain things such as a photo booth or DJ. When interviewed, senior Mareon Massey gave his opinion, “ I’m grateful for the opportunity to have a prom but I feel like more thought should’ve been given to the event. No offense but I don’t understand why juniors are allowed to attend. This should be a senior-only event and whoever they decide to bring as a date. I’m not going but I hope my friends have fun or else it’ll be a waste of their time and money.” 

      Prom is seen as one of the most important events in high school. It gives people a chance to dress up and have fun with their friends. Hopefully this year Joliet West can meet the high expectations of students.