Will County under IDPH restrictions

Hannah Vega, staff writer

It been almost 7 months since the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic struck the U.S. There have been lots of local panic because of the amount of cases that Will County has had. Since March, Will County has had 12,591 confirmed cases and 365 confirmed deaths. There was a sudden increase of cases in August according to the official Will county Covid-19 Response website (https://c19-willcountygis.hub.arcgis.com).

Will county is the fifth county in Illinois to have the most Covid cases. With Chicago being #1 followed by Cook, DuPage and Lake. With Illinois having 255,643 cases Will county has contributed 12,591 cases to that total. And with Illinois having 8,242 deaths due to the virus, Will county has contributed 365 deaths to that total as well.Health officials are urging the public to take precautions for COVID-19 seriously after the state listed Will County at “warning level” for new infections last week.

Will county has taken many precautions and set many rules in place to attempt and slow down the spread of the virus , such as citizens having to wear masks whenever they go to a public place, gatherings with 50 people or less are permitted, to constantly be using hand sanitizer and staying 6 feet apart from others when in public places.

Due to Will County being placed at warning level, restrictions for indoor dining were once again put back in place. The Illinois Department of Public Health said Wednesday that the additional restrictions placed on Will and Kankakee counties will remain in place until the region’s COVID-19 test positivity rate improves further. The IDPH has said it evaluates a region’s metrics over a 14-day monitoring period to determine if additional measures are needed or if the present measures can be lifted.

There have been many Covid testing sites set up all around Illinois, including multiple in Will County, there is also testing available in most of the care facilities around us , including Physicians Immediate care and multiple CVS’s around Illinois. It’s encouraged to get tested if you are feeling any symptoms of the virus and to social distance, stay home if possible and if you do go out, to follow the social distancing guidelines to keep yourself and others around you safe.