Taking it too far

Lydia Schrock, Staff Writer

The new hit movie, “The Purge Anarchy”, has inspired a wave of social media that includes teens establishing a real-life purge. The talk of a “real-life purge” started when a teen from Louisville, Kentucky posted a tweet claiming that there would be a night of lawlessness. The hoax purge soon spread like wildfire through the twitter community.

Even though the event was a hoax, many citizens were cautious the Friday night that the purge was supposed to take place on. Kenton county administrators decided to not let the Football team go to a scrimmage game due to the threats. Also, the State Fair which usually has thousands of people that attend was not as jam packed that Friday night. There was a good size of people that actually were afraid the purge tweets were real.

Even the State Police were involved and looking out for any purge behavior on the streets. They took notice to the social media threats and said that any person posting threatening tweets connected the hoax purge could be facing criminal charges.

However, the teen that started the social media wave was not in danger of any criminal charges because his tweet was not threatening. He simply posted at tweet that gave the date and time for the hoax Louisville purge. The teen told reporters that the tweet started off as a joke and he had no idea the tweet would be taken seriously and cause such a stir.

Overall the night ended safely with no purge related crimes in the city. There were in fact two fatal shooting, but police did not connect them to purge threats.