“Wednesday” review

Dalyla Martinez, Staff Writer

Watching the newly released show “Wednesday”, directed by Tim Burton, starring Jenna Ortega was not expected; there were concerns about keeping true to the original characters, however many agree that the cast and directors kept true to those standards. The directors added in a lot of small details that really added into the overall show, for example, Jenna Ortega not blinking for majority of the show and the posture and mannerisms of Wednesday were kept as formal and stiff as possible. Other small details include the many activities and instruments that the cast had to learn in order to have the show run smoothly and look realistic.

Many fans, including myself, absolutely loved seeing how Wednesday would adapt to the realities of school life, social events, friends, and finding out who Wednesday as a person is. Throughout the show; introducing the different characters and learning more about the people and features of this universe, the attention to detail and the comical scenes, most people can agree that it feels like it’s really happening right in front of you.

At first I thought that the hype behind the show was a little too overrated and that the show wouldn’t be as good, however after I started watching the show I just couldn’t stop. After the first 15 minutes I was hooked. As I watched, I got more invested in the show, taking my picks on who seemed suspicious. Though there will be no spoilers, the ending plot twist and character development was thrilling. After taking a few days, re-watching the series and  paying attention to all the Easter eggs and relations to the original Addams family and there’s so many in relation to Tim Burton’s other projects as well. 

However there is a bittersweet aspect as recently the person to cast Wednesday Addams in the original film, Lisa Loring has passed away. While many are upset to hear this news, many are glad to keep her “legacy” fulfilled with the next generation of Wednesdays’ actresses. On the bright side, the show does plan to keep production rolling and are looking forward to seeing when Netflix comes out with season two of Wednesday, which is projected to come out mid to late 2024 based on the casting and editing of the first season.