Dress code policy and no hat rule

Daniella Arias, Staff Writer

Contrary to last year, Joliet Township’s dress code has altered to a less strict and demanding policy. Students last year, particularly girls, took action so all students in the building could express themselves. 

Within the past few years, schools have experienced issues with dress code policy, and why is it such a big deal. This is because most female students feel as if the dress code is targeted towards them, and not used for their male counterparts. 

According to freshman student Kylee Orlick, “I think that the dress code policy is unfair as it mainly targets girls. I think that the no hat and no hood rule is fair though because it can help identify students more easily.”

 What this student means is that all though the no hats and no hood rule is necessary, that the dress code still be equal to all genders and comply with how people identify themselves. 

“Teachers and staff are wasting class time worrying about the clothes we wear, and are disturbing everyone in the class by doing so,” freshman Valentina Guiterrez states. 

Although some students do not understand nor comply with the dress code, most students are understanding of the new policy.

Another student claims, “The way girls dress doesn’t distract me because I am too distracted by the ton of homework I don’t do but it might to other students or even staff,” states freshman student Nathan Torres. 

In other words, other male students do not care, nor are bothered about the way girls are dressed. 

Kosher Casual claims, “School dress codes are a way to teach students the importance of a respectable appearance which is a lesson that can positively affect their self-respect and self-esteem.”