The H-buildings becomes a chick magnet

Keya Patel, Views Editor

The H-building has become a chick magnet with the hatching of new baby chicks. Located in Mr. Holoubek’s classroom, these newest editions have called West home during their entire incubation period. Students in Holoubek’s classes got to watch them grow and hatch.

Giada Flores, a freshman in Mr. Holubeks class says, “Honestly I loved observing the eggs in the incubator (and watching them hatch). They are so cute! I love holding them, they’re so soft. I will be sad when they leave but they’ll have more room to grow on the farm.

Another freshman in Mr. Holoubeks class Xavier De Jesus says, “I enjoyed holding them and the chirps they made. I think it’s cool and a first time thing done in a classroom.“ When asked if he would miss the chicks once they leave to go back to the farm they came from Jesus says “No I will not be sad when the chicks are gone even though they were cool.”