Weapon policy reminder

Natalia Harris, Sports Editor

Joliet West has a very strict no exceptions policy on weapons on or around campus grounds. In the beginning of
each school year each Dean shares a presentation with the school about school policies and goes into further vivid detail about Joliet Wests’ weapon policy.

These rules and regulations can also be found on the JTHS website.

The school does not allow students any weapons to school, school sponsered activity/event, or an activity/event that has a relationship with the school.

JTHS has their best interest and intentions for their students. Staff want to create a comfortable and safe environment for all of their students. Weapons hold back that enviroment from being created.

Joliet West classifies any gun, rifle, shotgun, and weapons listed in section 901 of Title 18 of the United States Code. Knives and brass knuckles are also included in the list of weapons as well  as items most people forget like pepper spray and tasers.

If a student is found violating this policy Joliet West will notify that student’s parent/guardian, a conference with that parent/guardian will be held also a 1-10 day out of school suspension with  an expulsion recommendation.

The expulsion recommendation will/can be modified by the super intendent and the superintendent’s recommendation will be revised by the school board on a case by case basis.

Many argue that the weapon policy should not include items like pepper spray and tasers because many use
those items for self defense getting to and from campus.

The school is okay with students having possession of these items as long as it is not on school property or events
with relationship to the school. Joliet West only wants to keep their school and students safe, having weapons freely in the building causes too much of a risk that can not afford to be taken.