Semester starts off with new gym uniform

Sheyla Hernandez, Views Editor

As the new semester begins, a new policy has been put in place. What is this new policy you may ask? Well it is for those who are taking PE this year.

This new policy revolves around the fact that students are required to wear a uniform in order to participate in gym.

There has been quite a debate recently about this new policy. Many say there’s no use in enforcing a policy. Some say that it can be useful under some circumstances.

For those who didn’t know, not wearing a uniform for said PE class could cost one’s daily points which would then affect their grade.

That being said, that is probably the main reason as to why many are against the idea of wearing a uniform for class.

Despite having rentals, that doesn’t prevent people from losing their uniform. With uniforms being $20 and there being only so many said uniforms, it could possibly affect their grades.

Another reason as to why uniforms are being debated is because many just want to wear what they feel is most comfortable and suitable for them.

“I think it’s unnecessary to have uniforms be mandatory because we should wear what we want to wear.” “I don’t think the policy makes sense because it is possible for people to lose their uniforms,” said two students partaking in PE this year. Both students asked to remain anonymous for privacy reasons.

On faculty behalf, this is what was said, “The uniform policy was put into place to ensure the safety of all students. We are able to easily identify students who are supposed to be in PE class when all students are wearing their PE uniforms.”

“It also helps with hygiene. Students can be active and sweat in the PE shirt and athletic bottoms and then change back into clean clothes for the remainder of their day. I 100% agree with the uniform policy and feel that it has greatly helped with student safety and student participation in class,” said Mrs. Karales, a PE teacher.

Both of these points of view can be easily contradicted, what do you think?