Perspective on the Freshman Experience

Nancy Patel, staff writer

The 2021-2022 school year is the first time many of this year’s freshmen class have stepped foot in an in-person school in roughly 18 months. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, schools all around the country went remote, leaving people with little social interaction. 

When asked about how students are adjusting to these changes, freshmen counselor Ms. Martin said, “They left school as 7th graders and emerged as 9th graders. With that being said, many of our students are suffering from the lack of positive social interactions for over 18 months,” she continued,”I think that this freshmen class needs a different approach.” 

The transition from middle school to high school is never easy, but with an ongoing pandemic, it seems that it’s even more challenging. 

Ms. Boseo, another freshmen counselor, said, “As a freshmen counselor, I think the adjustment is primarily difficult for the class of 2025, who are new to our building, new to high school, and have been remote learning for most of the past year and a half… I am optimistic that it will take time and support to readjust, and we will get there.” It appears that no matter how challenging this time may be, our counselors and freshmen are willing to overcome it. 

When asked how the adjustment was from remote learning to full 8 hour days, freshmen Riley Childs said, “Going from not being in school at all and being there for 8 hours was definitely difficult to adjust to at first, and I would just come home exhausted. Now that we’ve been in school for a little while, I’m more used to being at school for so long, but if you don’t get to bed at a good time a day at school can be torture, but I’m starting to get a better schedule based on that.” It seems that the freshmen class are finding what works for them in this difficult time as the year progresses. 

As we close out 2 months into the school year, the freshmen class is still adjusting. However, with more time and guidance, people seem to be optimistic that they will adjust. And remember freshmen, if you are struggling, your counselors are always here to help, no matter what.