Could the school year be extended?

Marcela Ledezma, staff writer

With the pandemic going on, most schools have started E-Learning. An alternative way of learning online without having to go to school. This makes it safer instead of going back to school, where students may be at risk from catching COVID-19. But this has also caused problems with the learning process. 

According to Patch, “A longer school year could be a possibility for Illinois students as state education leaders and legislators weigh options to address learning loss due to the coronavirus pandemic.” This causes some serious discussions between people who believe that they should extend it, and the people who don’t think it should. 

A student from Joliet West High School gave their thoughts on this discussion. Abigail Salazar-Salgado, a sophomore, talks about her view of this situation. “I believe that the school days shouldn’t be extended. This could cause anger between students seeing it as a sign of punishment. Summer is supposed to be a time where students should have a break and do fun things,” she says. “But there are also students who need help and have trouble learning virtually. Causing them to not do that well in school,” She added. “They could extend the school days for the people who are having trouble learning virtually instead of the ones who are doing well. Since most people who may do well right now may find it unfair, as they have been doing good during E-Learning,” She said. Giving some points as to why it may be good for students and what may not. Overall, extending the school days will be beneficial towards some students, while for others it may not.

Nevertheless, this decision still hasn’t been made official yet until the November election ends. The ISBE waiting to see if they could renounce federal assignments that could hold the districts accountable for the students’ success.