Will college classes remain online for the fall semester?

Gabby Houde, Copy Editor

With the unpredictable factors of the coronavirus comes a heavy decision amongst college campuses: what will be done about the fall semester? 

There is a lot of talk about the fall semester being online, but no college has confirmed or denied this statement. They have expressed concern about if classes are online, will students still be willing to attend? The opinion of that factor is varied amongst high school seniors. 

Angelyse Love, a Joliet West senior, says, “I have a feeling my mom will force me to take classes whether they are online or not. However, if it were completely up to me, I would take a gap year if college were to be online next year.” On the other hand, Faith Breausche, a senior at Joliet Central, says that she would not take a gap year because “I wouldn’t want to delay my education or my future career. I wouldn’t like that classes are online, but I would deal with it for my future.”

Jessica Breausche, a Joliet Central Senior, says that “I would do the online classes only if they are cheaper. I would not be willing to pay the same price I would have paid for on-campus living and classes.” Scott Tucci, a Joliet West Senior, says, “I’m conflicted, but as of right now I am seriously considering taking a gap year if classes are online. I have trouble learning in an online class environment, and I worry that paying for an online class would inevitably be a waste of my time.” 

If classes do end up being on campus, there is already talk of changes to help ensure that students and staff are safe from the disease. Some schools have talked about extra cleaning measures and a possible mask requirement while on campus. Others have talked about possibly limiting the number of students who can be in the classrooms and the dorms. 

With everything so up in the air at the moment, there is only one thing that is certain. No matter if classes are online or on campus, things will be vastly different than they have ever been before.