An opinion piece on the benefits of e-learning

Freddy Ortiz, News Editor

If you were to step into some sort of time machine and travel back a few decades, any talk of E-learning would seem like science-fiction. Today, whether we like it or not, schools have taken to the digital realm due to the current Covid-19 pandemic with a return to normalcy ways off. While I, for one, detest the current learning environment–with its distraction and all–there are some positives.

For the most part, most Joliet West teachers are rather lenient when it comes to assignment completion. Some are pressing matters and others to be addressed when possible. Frankly, I find this refreshing. No longer am I dogged by the stress of cramming schoolwork into a single day. Instead, slowly space the material in a manner that best accommodates my home situation.

I’m certain others feel the same.

Lectures have taken to Screencasts, or the infamous Zoom meeting, allowing both replayability and student-preferred pacing. Personally, I’ve found moments where I’m confused only to utilize my devices (ie; phone, laptop) and Google information; an action I’d otherwise be unable to do.

Eric Ortiz, a junior at Joliet West, believes the arrival of E-Learning is the greatest thing since “sliced bread”. The rowdy teen states, “I love it! I’m able to balance everything out pretty well. I can do school in the morning, afternoon, or at night. I’m able to enjoy other home things in between as well.”

I wish I could relate, honestly.

In addition to more time on our hands, students no longer have to trudge 20-pound backpacks across Joliet West, to and fro! My shoulders have never felt so lax. 

As we spend our days cooped inside homes, I grow to miss the halls of West more and more. But it’s for the best. Students should embrace this change with open arms and make the best of what we have. Stay safe!