The Grammy’s are losing its true meaning

Angel Melendez, staff writer

Award shows are supposed to be fun, exciting and much more, however recently not all fans have felt that way towards them. Award shows have become tiresome to most, so much that the ratings of the awards shows have dropped, making award shows try numerous things to get views and to get liked by the public again. A more recent example being the Grammys.

The Grammys have been slowly dropping in views, and critics are quick to point that out, “The Grammys telecast has been on a steady ratings slide, shedding total viewers and demo ratings points every year”.

In attempt to save their ratings, the Grammy’s invited the international Artist’s, BTS giving them more screen time so fans would stay interested. Once BTS presented H.E.R as the Best R&B Album they left and ratings soon began to plummet. People also beleive the award shows are losing their meaning because of the bias wins that happen every year. An example of this can be shown through Cardu B’s win at this years Grammys; fans were outraged by Cardi B winning an award, and felt as though she didn’t really deserve it. This not only upsets fans, but artists such as Ariana Grande who were quick to tweet their opinion of the win. Grande stated, ” literal BS, Trash,” and more explicits before saying “sorry” then deleting them and claiming she did not mean to drag her, it was directed towards the Grammys.

This was the same reaction numerous fans had when Dua Lipa won Best New Artist and not H.E.R after she won Best R&B Album, even though it was just an E.P. Fans explained that the grammys were not being fair with the winners of this year. The Grammy’s are also straying away from their meaning of supporting and celebrating all artists. Many hard working artist have been rejected by the Grammys, such as a very well-known and talented artist named Nicki Minaj who has won about ten Grammys in past events.

Nicki Minaj has been rejected multiple times when she sends her music to them to be nominated for one of the awards. Fans are really outraged because of the rejection of her Album ‘Queen’, because it’s Nicki Minaj’s most successful album and has many streams. She still got rejected and not just for this album but all of her music she’s ever sent. Not only has the Grammys done things like this but also a lot of award shows. Award shows should worry about celebrating and respecting all artists even if they do not get many views, which is what the Grammys was created to do.