Are twitter stans that bad?

Lametre’Anna Brown, staff writer

Twitter is the home of Stans. Stans are another name for hardcore fans of a person or group of people- some well-known stans you’ll hear about on Twitter are Ariana Grande Stans and Kpop Stans, more specifically BTS‘s “Army.” These stans are known for being quite big in numbers and showing strong support for their idols or their favorite singers. Though the greatest of fans are known to show awesome support, there are also some who have very toxic tendencies when they feel their favs are being mistreated or attacked, and this is not directed at their fandoms as a whole but a small portion. Stans of Ariana have also attacked people like her ex-fiance, Pete Davidson, in an attempt to push Pete to suicide. These stans have also attacked Cardi B for winning Best rap album for, ‘Invasion of Privacy’ instead of Mac Miller. Ariana has tried to come to her defense but her fans won’t budge Ariana Stans are scary, but nothing compares to the BTS Stans, “Army.” South Korea refers to these toxic stans as sasaengs(SAH-SANGS) and they are known to exhibit extreme behavior; sending notes written in blood, stalking their idols in taxis or vans, showing up in front of their homes and even trying to harm their idols. A recent incident of sasaengs in action took place on February 18th, the birthdate of BTS’ rapper J-Hope. All of the members of BTS had gathered in J-Hope’s hotel room to celebrate and in the background of the Vlive(An app for K-idols to make live videos to connect with fans), you can see a sasaeng peeking in. The sasaeng stated that right after it happened they went inside of the youngest singer in the group, Jungkook’s hotel room collecting souvenirs such as J-Hope’s clothes and wearing them. She even claims to have a video of him showering. Some of the fans are not even shunning or criticizing them, but are on Twitter encouraging it. These same stans have also followed Bts’ vocalist, Jimin in attempt to get him alone in an elevator to harm him. These Toxic Twitter Stans are getting out of hand and there seems to be nothing that the rest of the fans can do to stop them except ask for better security and report disgusting tweets.