They Just Did It

Megan Krok, Journalism 1

Nike has made this one clear with their new ‘Dream Crazier’ advertisement campaign: the future is female. Released last week and narrated by tennis star Serena Williams, ‘Dream Crazier’ features an incredible montage of female athletes such as Olympians Ibtihaj Muhammad, Chloe Kim, and Simone Biles. Williams’s narration focuses on how “over-emotional” women may be perceived in the sport industry and in contrast how those unhinged, rational, and emotional moments can turn into greatness. An inspiring tale for all women, Nike continues to reinvent themselves while still maintaining a recurring theme of empowerment

A screen grab of the Nike commercial, Dream Crazier.

The greatness of this campaign surely will not be up for debate, considering Nike’s September ‘Dream Crazy’ campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick which caused quite the stir for the brand. Though the two campaigns are very similar as they both show the accomplishments of real life people despite the barriers that may have been presented to them. We’ve seen this in Nike’s ads that date back to 1991.

But in recent years, Nike has reinvented these ads with feminism in mind. ‘Dream Crazier’ may arguably be one of the best Nike ads to date, but this is not a first for the brand. In 2017, Nike released ‘What are girls made of?’ and ‘What will they say about you?’. Both ads focus on encouraging young girls through women athletes like Ibtihaj Muhammad. Nike has with no doubt brought more and more inclusivity to their brand, focusing on more of a target audience of girls and young women.

‘Dream Crazier’ has taken the struggles of Muhammad in ‘What will they say about you?’ and the focus of the young girls in ‘What are girls made of?’ to motivate and inspire an up and coming generation. An incredible part of the ‘Dream Crazier’ ad is a clip of Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to ever run in a marathon, as she was almost stopped by a group of men attempting to hold her back from finishing the race. Also in the ad, we see the future generation of young girls Switzer and so many of the other women in the ad paved the way for. And hearing Williams say the words, “Or winning twenty-three grand slams, having a baby and then coming back for more…” only adds to the remarkable accomplishment that Nike has achieved with this campaign.

As we all know, Nike’s slogan is ‘Just Do It’, and frankly I think it is safe to say they did it.