Prom…only for the upperclassmen students?

Nicole Barlik, Views Editor

four years seniors experience their final dance and reinisce on their high school memories. Students get dressed up for the night of their lives. Limos and tuxes are being rented. It’s the one night most seniors will never forget. Lately however, underclassmen have also been enjoying this memorable night, either by being invited by a junior/senior or having a relationship with a junior/senior. Many have discussed that this is completely unfair and wrong. However, there are also some students who believe that underclassmen have a right to come to prom.

Prom has been around the 19th century, so for many upperclassmen this is an important tradition. Senior Zach Maeilli stated, “It’s a tradition, not something that can be changed because underclassmen want to attend.” That is true. Many underclassmen should understand that upperclassmen have been waiting all four years to attend this magical night and now it’s all ruined, due to underclassmen believing they deserve it as much as seniors. Anna Petersen, a sophomore, said, “It’s something special just for upperclassmen. We already go to Homecoming and Black and White with them; they should have something special.”

On the other hand, many students debate that underclassmen should be allowed to come as long as they are invited or have a relationship with an upperclassmen. Sophomore Hannah Cobb said, “If the freshmen and sophomore are dating a junior or senior, then they should be able to go to prom.” High school has a very large range of relationships. For example, freshmen date juniors, sophomore date juniors, and so on. This can be a little threatening to the relationship if that partner, cannot attend to their partners prom. Senior Zack Maeilli also stated, “Only underclassmen invited by an upperclassmen can come to prom.”

On the other hand, there are some individuals that believe that underclassmen should not be allowed at all to prom. Sophomore Alexis Wagner stated, “I think it should be only for seniors because it’s a waste of money going freshmen, sophomore, and junior years, when it’s something seniors look forward to all four years.” Also, Junior Chris Meza stated, “I believe unerclassmen shouldn’t go because its the seniors last dance of the year for high school. I don’t think juniors should go either because it should be all about seniors unless a underclassmen is a seniors date.” Seniors have gone through a tremendous four years in high school. It’s not easy keeping up with grades, after school activities, G.P.A., and more. It’s finally a night dedicated to all these seniors whose time Joliet West High School has come to an end. The last controversial side would be if underclassmen would feel comfortable at prom. Prom is full of juniors and seniors and very few underclassmen. Not having any friends there and just your partner might be a little embarrassing and lonely. Sophomore Mary Talarico stated, “I would feel uncomfortable at prom knowing that I had no friends to be around or talk to.” But, if you are an open underclassmen that isn’t too shy then that person has nothing to worry about. Sophomore Maddie Clark said, “Wouldn’t the underclassmen feel awkward being there surrounded by all those upperclassmen?”

Prom: The one night upperclassmen get to skip curfew and go crazy with hair, makeup, dresses, and tuxedos. Should underclassmen be able to share this night more than once? Would it be even fair? Whatever students believe, make sure to enjoy that one night. Whether having underclassmen invade the area or not, just remember this is your night and not theirs.