Bruce Jenner: Becoming Her

Mykyiah Jackson, staff writer

The greatest athlete in the 1980s, former Olympic gold medalist and reality television celebrity on E!’s hit TV show, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”, Bruce Jenner has announced that he is now a transgender female, and the world is shocked.

He has had three marriages with his previous wives Linda Thompson, Chrystie Jenner, and his recent split with Kris Jenner. Bruce also has six children, Brody Jenner, Casey Jenner, Brandon Jenner, Burt Jenner, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner. On April 24, the day of his interview with Diane Sawyer, Bruce’s children and step-children immediately responded by praising him, and showing the world that they support him. Brody Jenner, the second eldest son, said that he is “honored and more proud to be a part of the family.” Jenner described himself “very confused with my gender identity”, and continued, “It’s going to be tough. I’ve been thinking about this day forever,” when asked about how he had become aware of his feminine issues and how he would tell the world.

Bruce has received an excellent amount of support for his life altering decision from social media, friends, and family. Some popular tweets that have trended were defending Bruce saying that he should be able to make his own decisions without being judged by the whole world.

Famous celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Cara Delevingne, Ellen DeGeneres, and many more have all given Bruce moral support by tweeting how proud they were with hashtags and phrases that show how much they care for his transition. Rapper Kanye West who also is Team Bruce told him, “I have nothing if I can’t be me, if I can’t be true to myself, then it don’t mean anything.”

Although Bruce has received support from his family and friends, some people on social media sites have other opinions. Some of the trending topics on Twitter have been reported as jokes, and some tweets or post have been intended to hurt Bruce for becoming a transgender.

Some of the most popular statements from some twitter users said that “It’s not that important” and why the issue is more broadcasted than real news. One twitter user stated that, “I don’t understand why the world is making it like this whole Bruce Jenner turning into a woman thing is normal.”

Some comments have also been made on the Diane Sawyer on ABC’s 7 television interview that stated,” Oh come on, so the fact that a guy rapes a woman makes him happy we should applaud him because it makes him feel good! If everyone just did whatever made them happy the jails would be empty and we would live in terror. There has to be consequences.” Another user responded to the issue,   “Encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder. He is harming himself.” They continued,” This is going against your God-given DNA. He’s male. End of story.”

Given both arguments, Bruce Jenner is a prime example of understanding one’s true story about becoming a transgender male or female. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin, and being true to yourself so you can achieve happiness. “This is just who I am, I’m me,” said Bruce Jenner.