Influences in the Media…Could Glee be turning kids gay?

Serena Gregory, Contributing Writer

An innocuous show has invaded on Americas TV screens since 2009. Its name is “Glee” and it’s full of vibrant teens that are dealing with the gentle challenges of high school. These are hardworking and motivated kids. People have recently been asking if parents should be worried if this show is an influence to their children that turns them gay. Should parents be concerned about any subtext of adult themes and situations? Glee goes out of its way to appear wholesome at first glance. The first 15 minutes of every episode is quite polite and that’s part of its success. It’s colorful and cheerful with a scent of innocence. The message it seems to send is that teens should stay in high school and aim for college. Glee is not the only show that was created this way. Every show has a message and it’s not taking the innocence from your children. Why aren’t you attacking all the other shows and just aiming for Glee? A television show cannot help your child decide their sexuality and what their attracted to. Who your child is attracted to is their decision. High school is a place to find out who you are. Try new things out and pick what best fits you. Whether you’re attracted to the opposite sex or the same sex. A recent article argued, “how much longer until this show ruins the real beauty of opposite sex marriage?” Marriage is for everyone. Not just for straight people. Marriage is just as beautiful for two men or two women. You teaching your children that same sex marriage is wrong could be the reason they chose that path. You don’t know if it’s a television show. You don’t know a single thing. There were shows like this when you, Parents, were young. Did those shows make you gay? No? Then why are you saying shows now are changing your child. Stop blaming yourself. Stop blaming television. Stop blaming music. And stop blaming their significant other for changing your child, because no one forced your child to be gay, they chose to be. Every child has a say and who they are has nothing to do with you or a tv show. When you look at your gay son or daughter getting married, walking down that aisle, and as far as saying “I do”. Don’t think about the fact that their marrying the same sex, think about how strong their love is. And tell yourself, a television show didn’t make my child, I made my child, and they made themselves into the wonderful person they are today. The world, people and television had no control over their sexuality beliefs in anyway. And be happy. Be happy you have an amazing child.