Response to: Ebola is not a threat

Nicole Barlik, Contributing Writer

When it comes to the topic of Ebola, most of us will readily agree that Ebola is a threat to America. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of whether Ebola is a threat or not. Whereas, some are convinced that Ebola is a threat to America, others maintain, like my opponent, that Ebola is not a threat. I maintain that Ebola is a threat to America.

The CDC, in my opinion is being racist toward African American. An example of how the CDC is being racist is because they won’t allow the experimental drug being used on African’s. Sarah Baseley said, “West African patients infected with the Ebola virus will not have access to experimental drugs being used to treat American cases of the disease for several months, if at all…” Also, she said, “Even if supplies do become available, medical ethicists are divided whether they should be used in the current Ebola outbreak in West Africa…” How does U.S.A. want to keep us safe if we have thousands of Africans living in U.S.A?

The opponent, arguing that Ebola is not a threat to America may say that people are over reacting. To rebuttal, sure people may have over reacted before, but now they have seen that Ebola has become a major problem. What are people supposed to think when over 4,000 people have died; unicorns and rainbows? The point is, you can’t blame people over reacting toward Ebola. Ebola has caused thousands of deaths and more are coming.

The second argument, is that the CDC is not using proper precautions and many health workers are not properly trained for Ebola. Nina Pham, one of the nurses helping Duncan wore protective equipment around her entire body. The CDC should have been there and properly shown the health workers how to take off the equipment. Elizabeth Cohen says, “…health care workers complain they haven’t properly trained to protect themselves against the virus,”

I think my opponent is mistaken because he might also debate that the United States is a safe and well established nation. If this nation is so safe then how did an Ebola patient get on a plane? If this country is so safe from this virus, why are Ebola patients adding up slowly? This country is not safe as everyone may think.

The last argument, is that there are too many patients that have gotten infected/ill to gotten this far. At least, eight victims were in U.S.A. and more are coming. The CDC, is bringing patients from Africa to treat them here; this can lead to an outbreak. Patients of Ebola can’t be identified till 6-21 days. How are the CDC supposed to detect them?

In summary, Ebola is a threat to America and the evidence above proves my hypothesis. How you decide whether Ebola is a threat or not depends on you, but this debate shows what could happen after a while.