Response to: Athletes should have less homework

Serena Gregory, Contributing Writer

It is to be heard that many students say teachers should be more lenient on homework with athletes who are currently in a sport or extra-curricular activities. But it was from the beginning the student choice to be involved in that sport or club. It was not a requirement.

Students come to school for a full ride education and part of having these extra activities it is their responsibility to keep their grades up. If students were given less homework while on a sport how would we know if they are really understanding the stuff and focusing more on class than the sport. We wouldn’t because we wouldn’t be able to look back on the homework they weren’t assigned but others were.

If students in sports or clubs were given less homework then what would the teachers do? Create an entire grade book just for the few students in their class! The teachers would be having more work because they would have to keep up with a second system just for those few students. Throughout the amount of classes here at west and how the classes are divided there are athletes spread out all over the place.

Completely school work is more of a challenge if one is involved in a sport but then again it was the student’s choice to be involved. This does not mean that an athlete earns extra work time or less work thrown at them. It doesn’t just affect students but affects the teachers too. How would they know what student gets less work, or how would they know if the student truly understand the subject being taught. And then in the end that student fails, how do you think that makes the teacher feel? That he or she failed themselves because they didn’t accomplish their requirement.