Three-on-Three Canceled; where’s your school spirit?

Alannah Ramirez, Contributing Writer


The Joliet Park District Intramural Program had been collaborating with Joliet West’s No Name Club to conduct an afterschool fundraiser. The fundraiser is a basketball tournament in the Joliet West field house where both male and female athletes can face off against each other. Teams were scheduled to be made up of three people each plus one substitute player. Those currently in basketball were eligible sign up, as well as those skilled enough to participate. This three-on-three competition had been planned to take place on May 7th in the field house at about 3:45 pm to 6:30 pm. The price to register as a team player is five dollars each, and two dollars per person for each person attending the event. Each player has a chance to win prizes like tee shirts, gift cards, and other souvenirs. There would have been a concession stand for refreshments at the end of each game.

The mount of consecutive games played depends on how many teams there are and how many people sign up. Despite the plans, everyone seemed indifferent.

When asked to predict the amount of attendees, Ms. Burroughs, the head of No Name said,  “I have no idea. We need this event because No Name is broke.”

Joliet West does not seem to possess much school spirit, as the three-on-three became a lost cause. Only two teams had signed up for the fundraiser, and No Name needed ten teams for the event to take place. It was announced that No Name’s fundraiser had been cancelled during 8th hour pre-dismissal. Refunds for those who signed up will be given.

This was not the first time plans have been cancelled, though. No Name had hosted a pancake and cinnamon roll breakfast and no one came. No Name had offered free nachos and popcorn for a senior basketball game and nobody came. The same is the case with the three-on-three. The winning teams could have won up to two $50 gift cards. Regarding school spirit, there are notable instances where this is visibly lacking. In the birth of first semester, there were announcements in the auditorium every other day. Soon those announcements whittled down to once a week, and after a while once a month to barely at all. Most of these announcements were meant to demonstrate school rules and academic future after high school, though most all students were annoyed that their advisory was being used differently than how they’d like it to be used.