Senior breakfast not widely attended

Alannah Ramirez, Contributing Writer

There was an annual Senior Breakfast on May 2nd from 8:20 to 9:40.  which featured an hour’s worth of delicious food, socializing, and music. The price to attend was ten dollars per person. Tickets were sold as of April 21 through April 28 in the bookstore.

Though an hour of relaxing and eating sounds more appealing than just another class, most seniors did not take part in it. They chose to attend prom instead, which was scheduled to start earlier in the morning. Most wanted to go to mingle and have some fun with their friends at the senior prom, or to go on a date with their ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’. Since it is impossible to be in two places at once, most seniors chose prom over breakfast.

“I’m not going to senior breakfast because I have prom in the morning, and none of my friends are going,” said Ashley, “so it’s pointless.”

Some seniors are not amused that the price to attend the breakfast event is now higher than what it used to be. Most ate breakfast at home and carried on the rest of their day. Approximately thirty senior students went to feast on bagels, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, cereal and fresh fruit. There was music, karaoke, and musical chairs. Those who went claimed they had a good time.

“I can make my own breakfast at home, and not spend any money,” senior Aleks Stobbe said.

Most seniors did not attend the breakfast because they had planned to take the day off from school to prepare for prom. Their friends will be there, and they will get more for their money. They were eager to dress up for the senior-exclusive ‘pageant’, and cast their votes for prom king and queen. The price for attending prom were several hours of sacrificed sleep, and the expenses of dresses and accessories were considered worth the money compared to the senior breakfast.

“We used to have many more attend, but it was moved to the same day as prom,” said Ms. Burroughs, when asked why not many people are going to the breakfast. Hopefully the coordinators of this event do not schedule it on prom next year so more students participate in this annual event.