Fear of college life

Lilia Chavero, Editor-in-Chief

Going away to college is one of the most exciting and nerve-racking experiences high school graduates can encounter. A lot of soon-to- be college freshmen have fear heading out to college. Imagine yourself leaving your family, your dog or cat, and your friends. College bound is a drastic change, especially if planning to go somewhere far away from home. Many soon-to-be college students have the rush to get out of their home town or where they grew up.  The urge for the new college life and the experience to be without their parents is one feeling many have.

Meeting new people is sometimes a struggle and in college the fear of not knowing if you will make friends might be a challenge. Your roommate in your dorm room might become your first friend if you think about it. Through time, things will soon be okay. Make sure to stay on your school work though. College freshmen seem to get distracted by the party scene while in college. Don’t let that affect your performance academically. You don’t want to be one of those college students dropping out because the party scene is more important. Yes, there are students that actually do decide to do this.

The biggest steps of going to college, for some, is knowing basic things such as doing laundry, cleaning, and financial support. Doing your own laundry or cooking for yourself is usually not surprising to those who have been babied around their whole life. Make sure to cut that habit off. You can guarantee your mother will not be traveling to college with you to make your meals or do laundry. Don’t rely on fast food places either for your meals. That is too unhealthy and your bank account will start to decrease dramatically. Your parents will not be giving you money for expenses if they think you’re using it for useless things.

Don’t stress yourself out to think college isn’t for you. Stay focused all the time and make sure you can talk to your professors or join any activities to get you school involved. These things should really make you be thankful for deciding to take the next step to having a hard working and successful life. Stay as positive as you can. It   might feel weird at  first  for all the changes in your life you’re making, but just remember that you want to move forward with your  education and career as well.