Is pot a big deal?


Pot use is a major topic today amongst the United States.

Aleks Stobbe, staff writer

Once you inhale marijuana, a chemical compound called THC or delta nine reaches the brain within seconds. About five minutes after you smoke, your attention, coordination, and judgment become impaired.

Marijuana is a drug that is often used by many teenagers; as a matter of fact, 60% of high school seniors don’t think smoking pot regularly is a big deal according to the National Institutes of Health. Statistics also show that high school students are more likely to use or try marijuana than high school students in previous years.

Those who have never tried it before had their reasons, “I don’t agree with it because I`ve seen too many athletes come and go with amazing talent and make stupid decisions,” says Senior Quarterback Anthony Dinardo reflecting on his past experiences about former athletes.

Though marijuana is a very popular drug among high school students, it can result in bad judgment and possible health issues in the future. “I`m thirty nine years old and I`ve never smoked pot, and I`ve done fine without it,” says Varsity Baseball coach John Karczewski.

The statistics of high school students smoking pot keeps increasing as time goes on. With the legalization of marijuana starting to happen in other states people are starting to not think of people smoking as a big deal.

Marijuana is popular to high school students mostly because everyone else is doing it. Whether people like it or not that’s the truth. Anthony Dinardo concluded on this topic by saying, “People are entitled to their own opinion, but at the end of the day are the students doing it for themselves, or because everyone else is doing it?”