‘Tis the season to be broke

Lilia Chavero, Editor-in-Chief

Christmas season is right around the corner and people are crying out for their presents.  Sadly, some teens are still unemployed. The struggle is real when you realize you can’t buy your loved ones a gift for the holidays. It sucks not having a job now compared to years when I had one. The only thing you can do is compromise.

Being broke or unemployed is not a wonderful feeling, especially in the holiday season. You want your family to be happy and feel loved when getting a nice gift from you. The two years I was employed, I was able to get my family members nice and expensive presents they loved This year is a different story.

You start to wonder if they won’t like the downgraded present you’re getting them. Maybe they wanted some fancy shoes from Michael Kors or a nice watch from Fossil but those wishes are soon to be crushed when you can’t grant them that happines. What you can do is hope that they understand your financial struggle when the holidays roll around. It is an option to express your financial status and suggest that they give you an affordable gift as well. Money is sure tight, but it is important to try your hardest to make their Christmas as great as the ones from previous years. The last thing someone wants is to feel forgotten or unsatisfied on the morning of December 25.