Dear Abby…

“Dear Abby,

I just found out my boyfriend has 2 other girlfriends, one of them is my best friend. I saw them kissing in the parking lot homecoming night. Last night, he was with me and I checked his phone messages and a different girl was flirting with him. On one of the texts the girl sent was, “Will you go out with me?” and my boyfriends’ text said “yes.” I don’t want to break up with him because I love him, but the way he’s lying to me doesn’t make any sense. Should I say something to him? Or leave it alone and be angry with him? Maybe I should talk to the girls. I’d hate to say that I hate the girls but the girl that is my best friend should know that he is my boyfriend. She knows right from wrong. What should I do about my situation?








Dear Anonymous,

I believe you should most defiantly say something to your boyfriend. You deserve better then to have someone cheat on you. It sounds like he doesn’t deserve you and quite honestly he is starting to sound like a player. I also believe you shouldn’t thrash out to your boyfriend but you should try to act like the bigger person. Sit down and talk to him… explain to him what you saw, and where you saw it. If you keep pretending everything is fine, the more the secret will hurt and the bigger the lies will become. That’s a for sure way your relationship will crumble. Talk to your friend or both girls for that matter and set down the law.


Best of luck!