Wikipedia, The greatest thing to happen to the internet

Rachel Buechel, News Editor

 After about 4th grade I noticed that teachers seemed to frown upon using Wikipedia and I never understood why. It was always claimed that it is just a bunch of lies, and that anyone can put whatever they want on it. But actually there are people who are editors for Wikipedia to make sure that every description is accurate. It is possible to change information, but once something is put on the page the editors go on to look to make sure everything is accurate.

So the real question is why Wikipedia is still frowned upon. The first thing that you get when you search an item on google is the Wikipedia page. It has a layout that anyone can understand, it separates the information perfectly to where you can find exactly what you are looking for in the matter of seconds.

“Wikipedia is such a great tool! I use it as much as I can, and I always end up staying on it for hours. Clicking whatever comes up,” Says Junior Tracy Wysock.

Also one of the greatest things of Wikipedia is you can click on anything to get more information. You start looking up the history of chesses and five hours later you’ll be reading about African elephants. The amount of things you can go through is endless, and you learn so much new information.

The fact that schools do not feel this is a credible source seems really ridiculous to me. Even though a lot of things on the internet are not true, you can still kind of determine when things are farfetched. Wikipedia is a great source for a lot of useless information or a great starting source for researching topics your are not quite sure about.

Even if you shouldn’t necessarily be citing it in research papers, or anything important it is still a great tool. Personally I think it is a great accomplishment if you have a Wikipedia page about yourself, and you should defiantly make sure people can read about you or anything at any time.