What’s that smell?

Anna Simek, Copy Editor

As the days get colder, teachers begin to forbid students to open windows during class. If you’re lucky enough to be stuck in an older building, you may have the luxury of having a classroom that already smells horrible as it is. With the addition of smelly students, classrooms end up smelling even worse. In an effort to keep classrooms staying as odorless as possible, it’s important to stay clean.

Start each morning by taking a hot shower. Avoid taking a bath. Even though it might seem relaxing, you’re just sitting in your own filth. Don’t forget to use shampoo and soap generously. When you want to get fancy, you can even use conditioner for an extra burst of fresh scent. And hey, toothpaste was invented for a reason! Doesn’t every dentist recommend that you brush for two minutes a day, twice a day? You might not realize it, but your lethal breath travels around. Put on clean clothes each morning, and apply deodorant. Changing your underwear each day can also aid in feeling clean and possibly smelling good. Spraying small amounts of cologne or perfume on yourself throughout the day, especially after PE, can make the world a better place.

Even doing small things around school can play a positive role in how it smells. Remember when you were three, and your parents taught you how to flush? Let’s apply that rule in public too, because we all know that none of us are going to go in the stall if someone before us forgot to flush. When the heat gets turned on, bodily fluids start to stink; making the bathrooms smell rancid (You know what I’m talking about, girls’ locker room). Washing your hands when you’re finished will keep you clean, and also avoid the spread of germs. When walking to class during the day, nobody wants to walk through a cloud of body odor.

Just in case you don’t know how bad you smell, here are a few tips to help you realize. If people start running away from you when you walk towards them, you smell. When people start holding their nose when you speak, you stink. If your parents make you sleep outside and throw soap at you, your scent offends. When you’re grandmother refuses to hug you on Christmas, you smell. After smoking, or being around someone who has been smoking…Come on, USE AIR FRESHENER! Nobody likes the smell of smoke, and if you smoke, nobody likes the smell of you. You’re not even old enough anyway!