H-Building in Review

Ricky Diaz, Sports Editor

This year Joliet West High School saw the addition of the H building. A new building dedicated to mostly science rooms with a few normal classrooms. Everyone can see even the floor is designed with D. N. A molecules. It’s definitely one of, if not, the best looking buildings in the school. After a few months of school makes it an excellent time to review the building and see if it’s more than just good looks.

Students, teachers, and staff here at West completely agree that the H building is beautiful. In the beginning of the school year, students just could not wait to see the new building. For a little over a month, that’s all you’d hear about in the hallways. Even teachers like Ms. Casiello, a new freshman biology teacher whose room is in the H building, said. “It’s my first year at West so I really can’t compare the H building to the other buildings yet. But I can say that I absolutely love this building. Also the new science equipment is very useful.”  So teachers are also in on the excitement and hype of the new building. If you thought that only teachers and students enjoyed the building you would be wrong, since the security at West enjoy the building as well. Kenny, a security guard in the H building during eighth period, stated that the H building was the “best spot for a security guard since it was so nice and quiet.” He also said that, “It’s a great idea that the building was built so only one security guard is needed to watch both floors at the same time.” The building is just loved by everyone.

The H building is not perfect though. Ms. Casiello said it best when she said “All new buildings have glitches at first that get worked out after a few years. For example, the A/C and heat in my room can be so extreme where one day the students need a sweater, and the next day they can sit there and sweat.” Students always ask why there aren’t any clocks in the H building too. Which I wonder to myself too since I always use the clocks in the halls to help me get to class on time.

The complaint brought up by Ms. Casiello and I are things that may be “glitches” that can be worked out but there is one thing that is on everyone’s mind that may not be a tiny glitch. Kenny, Ms. Casiello, and students all have asked why there isn’t a bathroom in the H building. This is the only major flaw to an otherwise perfect building.