Extra help is available, why don’t you use it?

Anna Simek, Copy Editor

As a student who is absolutely terrible with math and always has been, Algebra II is incredibly difficult for me. After failing every test and quiz during the first weeks of school, my algebra grade dropped drastically. Following much dispute with my teacher, he finally invited me to come in during first period to help me understand factoring and other ridiculous math equations. I didn’t think that it would even be of any help, so I was back and forth between whether or not I should go. Waking up at 5:30 in the morning in order to catch the freshman bus at 6:45? Not exactly my idea of a good morning, especially not on a Monday.

Although most mornings are terrible, going in early seem like it would be even worse. Once you get into your class and begin learning and understanding your subject, or getting extra time to write a paper, it’s incredibly beneficial. So what if your friends call you a nerd when they find out you’re going in early to get extra help? You’re going to be passing your least favorite class, while they tweet about how difficult their math homework is. Taking tests and quizzes is going to automatically become so much easier, because you’re actually going to know the material.

If your teachers haven’t yet offered extra help to anyone, annoy them and beg until they let you come in early, or stay late to get the help you need. Most teachers would be ecstatic to see a failing student ask for help and succeed.

Although going to school an hour early sounds like it would be absolutely terrible, spending an extra hour with a teacher without the distractions of other students could help your grade an enormous amount. Even going in early for two days can be beneficial and bring up your quiz and test scores. Don’t worry about what your friends think, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your teacher gets paid to help you, even before school.