Cardigans, better than hoodies

Jordan Kessler, Entertainment Editor

The debate between cardigans and hoodies has existed for as long as anyone can remember. Both share similar qualities, such as providing warmth to the wearer in the colder months. However, the cardigan clearly stands out as the frontrunner in sweater-style fashion. The cardigan is versatile, lending itself to both casual and formal occasions. Cardigans make it an easy transition from your afternoon study group session to an evening soiree in the city. Not to mention that cardigans do not have to be pulled over the head to be put on or taken off like most hoodies do, preventing your abdomen from being exposed to the world removing it. Let us also not forget that possibly the greatest children’s program creator of all time has donned the cardigan more than a few times. I am speaking of course about the late and great Mr. Rogers, who wore a cardigan, hand knitted by his mother, on every installment of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Hoodies also have a knack of putting the wearer in awkward situations. In many countries across Europe as well as Australia and New Zealand, the hoodie is looked at as the garb of criminal activity and other misdeeds. Greece, in fact, has a law allowing anyone wearing a hoodie be taken directly to a court of law.

The hoodie also forms a type of deformity that I refer to as a “hoodie bump” when the wearer sits down. The hoodie bump forms around the wearer’s midsection and often leads to awkward stares by the individual’s peers.

Let’s face facts; the cardigan is vastly superior to the hoodie in facets of garment practice. So put your cardigans on and stop the silly fighting that has divided us as human beings along irrational lines.