Are you college ready?

Lilia Chavero, Views Editor

When you’re a student, you’re required to take a test to see how well you did in a unit pertaining to a certain topic your class learned about. When you’re an upcoming high school student, all you hear about is EPAS. What EPAS stands for is the ACT’s Educational Planning and Assessment System. This  data is designed to help students increase their academic readiness for college.

College is one of the hardest things to prepare for during your high school career ant it might even determine your future. But before going to college, you must do one thing- take the ACT to know what schools you want or can go to. EPAS can prepare you for this. I know people that plan on going to college but many aren’t prepared. Many don’t know that this testing program can help you by showing what you’re prepared for or what you need to work on.

I think students need to take these tests rather seriously than just blowing them off.  “I believe that the EPAS data is extremely helpful to students. It shows students their strengths and weaknesses and as a result allows them to focus their learning on improving their overall score. Additionally, I believe that it helps students set goals and create a plan for their future careers and education. It is never too early to start planning your future. EPAS data serves as another great tool that can help students better prepare for their future goals and possibly open up some opportunities for them,” says an anonymous English 2 teacher.

But there are downfalls to the EPAS. Most teachers like this testing program because it helps their students with their future but some students have a different opinion about it. “I think EPAS is helpful because it gives us an idea on what our ACT scores will be. I also think it’s a waste of time because we could be in classes or at home instead. I don’t think they are necessary to take in 8th grade and freshman year. Sophomore year is better because we know more and care more about the testing,” said sophomore Scarlett Kitchens.

Take it into consideration. knowing your data can help you. Even though it sounds like a drag that a test will determine your education; it will all be worth it.