Want to be inspired? Take a look around

Tresa Fahrner, staff writer

Bored in class? Look around and I’m sure you’ll find an inspirational poster to keep you amused.  Such as, “Save your drama for your llama.” (Thanks Mr. Michaels!) Now, are these posters really inspirational? Or are they just colorful clichés that collect dust in the corner of the room. Either way, you’ll more than likely not even recognize their existence, whether right in front of your desk or not.

Are we teenagers the only ones that are totally immune to the magic of these truly inspirational posters? Because teachers sure seem to love them. The fact of the matter is that these posters have messages that can help you through your life- believe it or not!  Just look in any public bathroom and you’ll see a poster stating, “Wash hands before returning to work.” This, without needed to be stated, is a very good lesson to keep in mind throughout life. Or maybe they’re educational! You’ll be surprised that the answers to a test might be right in front of you and you never even noticed.

The point is, whether colorful and clever or dull and dreary, all the posters have some sort of meaning to them.  Give them the admiration they deserve!  If they’re going to take up space on our classroom walls, we might as well appreciate them.