The Pressures of Prom: the question fo Courage

Scott Castro, staff writer

Prom is that monumental, unforgettable night that marks a high point in your high school year.  Most people want to ask out the person they like, in a cute way.  However, there are others that will shy away from that and ask them by just asking them.  Prom is a special night to look forward to for months beforehand.  I find this to be an effective way of asking someone to prom.  Just plain asking somebody to prom is a way of showing that you are bold and confident in yourself. If you portray an image of confidence, people are more likely to like you for who you are. Having good confidence helps to make sure that the person knows you are confidence even to even ask them to prom.  For some people, prom can seem like just another reason to worry and feel stressed out. Even people who are looking forward to it can feel nervous.  Asking someone to prom can actually relieve someone’s pressure of going to prom, because then they will not worry about whom to go with. 

Although, it’s tempting to avoid the possibility of rejection by not asking or just using signs or any other cowardly way.  Who wants to be afraid not to take a chance?  If the person says no, move on.  Don’t let that one no ruin your high school prom experience.  Additionally, rejection works the other way around.  If you are declined consider the other person feeling, so if you say no then consider the other person feeling when you say no.  Remember, that person took guts to ask and it caused them a lot of nervousness.  Let the person down gently rather than have them being embarrassed for even asking.  I know it’s scary about putting your feelings out there, because you never know if a person is going to like you back.  But you will never know what might happen. 

Most important thing is to find someone who you enjoy spending time with.  Whether it’s a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend or a simple crush.  People like to keep their options open; they can also go with a group of friends instead a date.  Who better than to spend the evening with than the people who like you for you.